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Restaurants in Bolton & HorwichThe Mill Stone Inn
When Sergio Stefanuto opened his first restaurant in 1971, he couldn’t have imagined how successful he would become. Now, over 35 years later, he has a grand total of seven restaurants under his watchful eye and is known throughout the North West as one of the leading lights in Italian cuisine.Read more...

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Restaurants in Bolton & HorwichFood NW Awards 2010 - Winners Announced!
A preserve maker from Manchester; a shrimp specialist in Merseyside; a spring water business in Lancashire; a cookery school in Cumbria, along with a goat meat company and two ice cream producers from Cheshire, are among the winners in the prestigious Food Northwest Awards 2010, it was announced last night (Thursday, June 24, 2010).Read more...

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Restaurants in Bolton & HorwichCrunchy Garlic Chicken
Jamie Oliver recipe. This crumbing technique is so versatile – you can cook pork or even cod in exactly the same way. As there is butter in the crumb mixture, you can grill, fry, roast or bake the meat dry in the oven and it will go lovely and golden.Read more...

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