Witchboard Comes to Blu-Ray Disc

His former best friend, Jim (Todd Allen), thinks the whole thing is ridiculous, but Jim’s girlfriend, Linda (Tawny Kitaen), wants to give it a try. Jim remains cynical that anything really happened. As Linda’s interest in the board grows, odd things begin to happen, leading Brandon and Jim to believe that something is after her, something from the other side.

On the surface, “Witchboard” looks like a campy, cheesy horror movie that most would shrug off pretty quickly, but it’s those qualities that make it more delightful than most of the same movies. The film also has a neat little mystery quality to it, making you wonder what’s really going on with this Ouija board and the spirits that the characters are supposedly connecting to.

Audio/Video Qualities:

Witchboard comes to Blu-Ray disc in a stimulating 1.85:1, 1080p High Definition transfer that makes the film look greater than it ever has. Previous DVD copies couldn’t help but look a little boring and grainy, but the quality here shows that Shout! Factory really took their time with the restoration. The 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio has also had a great makeover, with particular attention given to the creepy soundtrack, which now sounds clear. Overall, you really couldn’t ask for better quality for a low-budget horror film that’s close to 30 years old.

Special Features:

Included on the Blu-Ray disc are the following extras:

– New Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Kevin Tenney and Actors Stephen Nichols, Kathleen Wilhoite, and James Quinn

– Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Kevin Tenney, Executive Producer Walter Josten, and Producer Jeff Geoffray

– Progressive Entrapment– The Making of Witchboard

– Vintage Making of Witchboard

– Cast Interviews

– On Set with Todd Allen and Stephen Nichols

– On Set with the Makers of Witchboard

– Life on the Movie Set

– Constructing the World of Witchboard

– Outtakes

– Behind the Scenes Gallery

– Promo Gallery

Beware of Online Job Scams

Getting a job is not easy, especially in this competitive world. Many job seekers are ready to give up, so when they see an instant way to get a job, they grab it without deep thinking. Unfortunately, there are tons of job scams on the internet. Those ads are taking advantage from people who are hopeless on landing a job.

Online job scams are created by bad people who would not care about your unemployment. As a fraud, this person behind online job scams will makes you lose as much money as possible, while you are hoping to get a job. Worse, they are creative enough to create new scams every single day.

However, you can always notice online job scams, as they have the same characteristics. Teach yourself to recognize red flags while looking for job ads on the internet. The most common thing is they would ask for your personal information. They will use your personal information to money laundering without your knowledge. Full name, Social Security Number, financial details, birth date, and driver’s license are several kinds of information they need.

Online job scams could appear in different forms of variety. There are two most popular online job scams:

  1. Resume blasting

They are acting as employment agencies to help you get a job within a fixed time period. You gave them your resume, but they only distributing your resume to countless of employers. This process is called resume blasting. The fraudsters hope some companies send correspondence, but they will use it to bait even more victims.

  1. Fake internship/job

The job doesn’t exist. But your disappointment doesn’t stop there. The fraudster will inform that in order to get a job, you need to send money for some reasons, such as travel or work visa. Of course, they will only take your money, but not giving you a job.


It is quite simple to avoid online job scams. If a job offer seems too good to be true, you should be suspicious. Do some research before you decide to give your personal information, or even send some money. Find out about the company who wants to hire you. If there is no information about the company on the internet, it is clearly a bogus company.

During frustrating times, you might do something in a hurry. You might want to take an opportunity right in front of you. However, please be calm, so you would never regret something you have done.

Indonesia\’s Most Expensive Agate

Batu akik Termahal di Indonesia – If in old times gems and also favored point is simply made use of by a minimal circle of individuals, now the agate is commonly consumed by youthful as well as young people circles. That’s why if the cost of rock rings and also much more costly considering that of the increasing number of fanatics from numerous enters of life.
1. Rock Bacan island
10-stone-agate-most popular-and most expensive-to-indonesia-1
Bacan Island rock is a sort of gemstones Indonesia beginning discovered in the location of Southern Halmahera, Northern Maluku or specifically on the island of bacan island. One of the most preferred is the bacan Island rock of rock as well as rock doko bacan Island bacan Island palamea.
The distinction in between a doko and also a stone palamea bacan island hinges on its shade. Bacan Island doko have dark environment-friendly while the bluish-green palamea bacan island. Cost rock bacan Island varying from hundreds of thousands to 10s of countless bucks.
2. Sapphire
10-stone-agate-most popular-and most expensive-to-indonesia-2
Sapphire is consisted of in a mineral referred to as diamond and also usually consumed as treasures for precious jewelry rings or various other kinds.
Sapphire has several shade variants consist of blue, Orange, yellow, pink, purple and also environment-friendly. Sapphire is thought to be able to silent the thoughts and also emit a favorable feeling to establish an attitude for the user.
3. Emerald green
10-stone-agate-most popular-and most expensive-to-indonesia-3
Emerald green has clear environment-friendly colour to dark environment-friendly as well as has actually been recognized by lots of people because hundreds of years. Emerald green has a mohs scale solidity of 7.5. Emerald green is considereded an icon of success as well as peace.
4. Ruby Rock
10-stone-agate-most popular-and most expensive-to-indonesia-4
A ruby rock is frequently called additionally rock Ruby is just one of the lots of gems are significantly preferred around the world consisting of Indonesia. Rate rock ruby differs depending of the degree of individuality as well as top quality. A ruby rock is thought to be a sign of stamina and also guts.
5. Rock Topaz
10-stone-agate-most popular-and most expensive-to-indonesia-5
Topaz rocks have lots of variants of shades like yellow, orange as well as blue black. Rock topaz is discovered in numerous nations such as Sri Lanka, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and also much more.
Rock topaz is thought to have the power of nature that is valuable to the user’s health-related bodily as well as mentally as alleviating anxiety, optimizing the power of mind job as well as bring peace.
6. Opal (Kalimaya).
10-stone-agate-most popular-and most expensive-to-indonesia-6.
Opal is a kind of priceless rocks that are qualified of getting rid of a broad variety of shades. The cost of the most costly kalimaya/opal regarding 2,500 dollars/rust.
7. Stone Stream Dareh.
10-stone-agate-most popular-and most expensive-to-indonesia-7.
The cost of the rock Stream dareh is really costly, yet top quality for top quality are cost the neighborhood market value is rather economical, varying from hundreds of thousands to countless bucks.
Stone Stream dareh is among one of the most prominent as well as pricey ring of rock right now. The appeal of the initial rock South Sumatra it begins uphill because Head of state Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and also Barak Obama (Head of state Americas) purportedly used the rock in their hands.
8. Jade.
10-stone-agate-most popular-and most expensive-to-indonesia-8.
Jade has actually been recognized given that a long period of time in Indonesia. The raising passion in agate recently, making the cost of jade is the a lot more pricey.
Jade has a distinct eco-friendly shade as well as numerous made as precious jewelry, like rings, pendants, necklaces and also even more. Some folks think that the rock was currently recognized considering that hundreds of years BC in China it could possibly bring good luck, consistency as well as peace for their lovers.
9. Purple (Purple).
10-stone-agate-most popular-and most expensive-to-indonesia-9.
Purple has a distinct purple shade and also is typically called Purple intenternasional on the market.
Being made as fashion jewelry, Purple rocks likewise thought to be the holder of excellent luck.
10. Rock Jasmine.
10-stone-agate-most popular-and most expensive-to-indonesia-10.
That’s why if the cost of rock rings and also a lot more pricey due to the fact that of the expanding number of lovers from numerous enters of life.
Cost rock bacan Island varying from hundreds of thousands to 10s of millions of bucks.
Cost rock jasmine pemanang competition negotiated Usd 175 million however the lovers have yet to take it off. Because then, the stone located in the location of Simpang and also Segara Subdistrict Kembang Lengkiti Oku Sumatra South it ends up being the target of enthusiasts as well as gone into in the rankings of stone’s most prominent both in Indonesia along with in worldwide markets.
In a nationwide competition, which was held time back, the stone kind jasmine spritus baturaja concerns the group of the very best rock as well as victoried the competition/.
A ruby rock is frequently called likewise rock Ruby is one of the several gems are significantly preferred in the globe consisting of Indonesia. Rate rock ruby differs depending of the degree of individuality and also high quality. Opal is a kind of priceless rocks that are qualified of eliminating a vast variety of shades.