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How Many Courses?!?
Cinnamon Kitchen serves up huge fourteen courses!

Presenting diners with a spice-infused kaleidoscope of colour and flavours that far exceeds the limitations of a three-course meal, Cinnamon Kitchenís canapť tasting menu showcases some of Vivek and Abdulís most exciting mini culinary creations.
Don't panic, it can be eaten.That's because each course is a canape. Confused? Read more

Search for the Best Asian Restaurant
The Bangladesh Caterers' Association Holds its Prestigious Annual Awards

The Bangladesh Caterersí Association (BCA) is now seeking nominations for its prestigious annual awards, including best Asian restaurant and restaurateur.The launch of the awards at London's Bengal Clipper marks a series of year-long celebrations recognising the associationís 50th anniversary. Read more

Fish Dependence Day
Europeans Eating More Fish While Stocks In Their Own Seas Continue To Deplete

Rising fish consumption in a context of declining stocks is a model that is environmentally unviable and socially unfair. The EU has highly productive waters that have the potential to sustain a long-term and stable supply of fish, jobs and related social and economic benefits, but only if its fish resources are managed responsibly. Read more

Amazon sells groceries online
Amazon challenges supermarkets with home delivery grocery service.

Britain's online supermarket market is fierce. In the past five years alone it has grown 34% to $4.5 billion, according to researchers Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Now, online retailing giant Amazon is getting in on the grocery game with the launch of a delivery service in the U.K. Read more

Homegrown is Best
Chefs Decide that Local Tastes Best

More restaurants are getting in on the idea that when it comes to taste local is best. So, now they are producing their own meat and vegetables. Chefs from London to Loch Voll are growing their own produce, from bumper crops of carrots to unusual herbs they find difficult to source. Some restaurants are rearing their own animals to give diners the ultimate gate-to-plate experience. Read more